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Professional Housekeeper
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A Professional Housekeeper is an extra pair of hands - whether it's cleaning, laundry, ironing or any other household chores. We have two  Domestic Cleaning options - with the Professional Housekeeping option, an individual member of our staff will attend and service your needs. The Professsional Domestic Cleaners  option provides a team - whatever suits you best! More....

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  • Personal Service: What gets done is up to you. Usually the service includes a core clean of the busier parts of the house, plus a rotation of the less frequently used areas.
  • Great StaffOur staff are fully referenced, friendly and tend to stay with us for a long time. Same person each time
  • Price it up now: enter the size of your property for a recommendation - change the duration if you want to

  • Full Holiday & Sick Cover: in 12 years we have never failed to turn out.
  • A housekeeper would normally use your equipment

Housekeeper vs Team?

  • An individual is naturally around longer than a team cleaning a home - perfect for those washing cycles. 

  • For a given time e.g. 1pm to 3pm, an individual is roughly half the price of a team of 2 - so you can afford them to come back another day for the ironing!!

  • If you prefer a team to an individual click Professional Domestic Cleaners

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