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Professional Surface Clean
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Professional Surface Cleaning covers the general cleaning requirements of all the rooms in the property. You can book a Professional Surface Clean online right now! More

The Professional Surface Clean will include:

  • Vacuuming & mopping of floors
  • Interior window clean
  • Damp cleaning of paintwork & skirting boards
  • Doors & door surrounds
  • Cob-webbing
  • Light fittings
  • Switches & power sockets 


  • Inside and outside of cupboards
  • Fridge & Microwave internal & external cleaning
  • Outsides of other appliances
  • Surfaces, tiles and splashbacks


  • Full clean of the bathroom suite & showers
  • Toilet & sink full clean including base
  • Mould removed from grout
  • Tiles cleaned and buffed

Other items:

Use an Itemised Clean for additional specific items - not listed above - to ensure there is enough time allocated. Venetian Blinds in particular shoudl be listed separately as part of an Itemised Clean.


We are familiar with the standards required by Agents and Landlords - so we know the items and standard required for the checkout; we will make sure it is done correctly.

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