The Professionals Cleaning Company provides Cleaning Services across Yorkshire.

Professional Oven Cleaning
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Our Professional Oven Cleaning service will return your cooker to ‘nearly new’ condition. Our Professionals Oven Cleaners will make those shelves shiny, the door glass gleam and the oven bottom smooth! Price it up and book it now - choose the items and click Add To Basket. More

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  • Wherever you are: Our Professional Oven Cleaners are vehicle based

  • You decide what you want: option for oven(s), grill(s), extractor & hob

  • Any condition: with the specialist chemicals we use, we can bring any oven back to nearly new condition

  • Keys & insurance: we hold keys for most of our customersour insurance covers any eventuality

  • Price it up now: enter the items and their starting point

  • Click Add to basket: when done, Checkout to choose a delivery date and time

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Put the items you want into your shopping basket: 

  • Select oven, grill, hob, extractor...
  • ..their size and starting condition 
  • The Price will be displayed 
  • Click Add to Basket (repeat for other services)

Email yourself a quote for your basket items at any time - click the email button

Click Checkout to choose a date/time when the cleaning can be delivered

  • Book it there and then...or..
  • Reserve it for 24 hours (quote emailed) &..
  • Accept the quote later - click button in email

Just click through the Checkout process to Book a clean right now

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