The Professionals Cleaning Company provides Cleaning Services across Yorkshire.

Professional Domestic Cleaners
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Our Professional Domestic Cleaners operate in teams of two, travelling in a Professionals vehicle carrying everything they needYou can book a clean right now.  More

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  • The same team each time: our staff - your team - are referenced and trained

  • You decide what you want:  we do cleaning, laundry, ironing and bed making

  • Full holiday and sick cover: in 13 years we have never failed to turn out

  • Keys & insurance:  we hold keys for most customers (its up to you); our insurance covers any eventuality

  • Manage your cleaning from your phone or tablet: skip cleans, pay bills, book extra

  • If you prefer an 'individual' to a team: Click on Professional Housekeeper

  • Next steps: Price it upHow does it work?

Price it up and press Add to basket

  • Enter the rooms and how busy
  • See recommended duration & Price 
  • Override the duration if you want to
  • Click Add to Basket

Email yourself a quote - click the email button (quote reflects basket contents)

  • Click Checkout to choose a date/time when the cleaning can be delivered
  • Book it there and then...
  • ..or, reserve it for 24 hours (quote emailed)
  • Accept the quote later - click button in email

Next steps: Price it up