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Builders Re-Clean

A Builders Re-Clean returns the property to a clean state following snagging work. Builders Re-Cleaning is usually the second phase of cleaning and followed by a Builders Sparkle Clean immediately prior to sign off or handover. More

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  • A Builders Re-Clean is often the second phase of cleaning in a 3 phase clean

  • The Buiders Re-Clean returns the property to a Builders Clean standard after snagging work has been completed

  • This is usually follwed by a separate Builders Sparkle Clean immediately prior to sign-off

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  • Check your Postcode to see if we clean in your area

  • Contact Us and tell us what you want

  • Often if it is a particular building you will have a date in mind - we 'pencil' you into our schedule

  • If it is a plot with multiple properties then you will have drawings for different building types

  • You might have a plan with involves 2, 3 or 4 phases of cleaning e.g. e.g. builders clean, builders re-clean, builders sparkle clean

  • We would normally come out and see you and/ or the plot

  • We write this up as instructions for our team and give you a quote

  • ..if all is ok with you - we confirm your cleaning slot

  • You can view and manage your cleaning, sites or plots via this website - Professionals Online

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