The Professionals Cleaning Company provides Cleaning Services across Yorkshire.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning service can transform your carpets. Using professional equipment and professional cleaning products our Commercial Carpet Cleaners will remove marks, deep clean your carpet and lift the pile. More...

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  • Wherever you are: Our Professional Carpet Cleaners are vehicle based
  • We have Professional stain removing products for most scenarios e.g. tea, coffee, high traffic areas.

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning would typically involve:

    • Step 1: Stain Removal -  pre-treatment of specific stains

    • Step 2: Pre-spray - to  lift dirt, marks and bacteria

    • Step 3: Hot Water Extraction- a carpet cleaning machine forces carpet cleaning solution into the pile of the carpet and sucks it back out

    • Step 4: 'Buff n Finish' - a carpet buffer machine dries & lifts the pile

    • Step 5: [Optional] Application of carpet protector - a sealing layer - or insect/ flea treatment where appropriate

  • Security: we hold keys for most customers

  • Fully Insured: our insurance covers any eventuality

  • Book it right now: click checkout to choose a date and time

  • Check your Postcode to see if we clean in your area
  • Often you will have a date in mind - we 'pencil' you into our schedule

  • We would normally come out and see you and the carpet

  • We write up instructions for our team and give you a quote
  • ..if all is ok with you - we confirm your cleaning slot

  • You can view and manage your cleaning via the website - Professionals Online

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