The Professionals Cleaning Company provides Cleaning Services across Yorkshire.


Domestic Cleaning Services

  • Domestic Cleans happen between 9 and 5pm, Mon-Fri
  • You choose a day and tell us what time constraints you have - most people prefer to be out whilst we're cleaning but some want to be in!
  • You can do this online, during the checkout process of the shop..
  • ...or Contact Us and we will do it for you
  • We perform Regular Cleaning and One-off cleans

Regular Cleaning

One-off Cleaning

Supervisor Model

  • One of your team will be your supervisor who will be responsible for your cleaning, managing rotations and interpretting your instructions
  • We provide 100% holiday and sickness cover - we will always be there for you
  • Domestic Teams are usually teams of 2, ocassionally 3
  • Apart from larger properties, teams of 3 are used to build experience of your requirements so that we can provide seamless holiday and sickness cover which is all part of the service
  • The team will bring everything they need with them

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