The Professionals Cleaning Company provides Cleaning Services across Yorkshire.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products & Equipment

  • We bring all of our cleaning products and equipment with us
  • They are included in the price
  • Our staff check and prepare our vehicles & equipment every morning to make sure everything is in tip top condition
  • We have a colour coded cloth system which ensures that cloths intended for use in clean areas (e.g. kitchens) are not used in diry areas (e.g. bathrooms)
  • No cloths are used on more than one job and all cloths are washed overnight
  • Over the years we have evaluated many products on the market to understand their relative strengths and weaknesses (and continue to do so)
  • We have a carefully chosen selection of prefered products which is based upon that experience
  • We have COSHH sheets for all these products which means that the potential risks of the products have been assessed and recommendations on how to use them and avoid the risks have been prepared for our staff/ training
  • Our standard general purpose cleaner is Ecover spray
  • If you have a particular product you want used that is fine - we just ask you to leve it out for the cleaners
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